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Understanding And Treating Body Pain

The Acousana is a state-of-the-art, ground-breaking treatment for both acute and persistent pain. You can return to living a pain-free, happy life after receiving this non-invasive, painless treatment that uses sound waves from SoftWave Technology to speed up your body’s natural healing process.

This treatment is excellent for anyone recovering from surgery and experiencing lingering pain. Read to learn how this treatment could be the answer you have been looking for to alleviate your chronic pain. 

Managing pain after surgery

After surgery, you should anticipate some pain, but your doctor will take all necessary steps to lessen it safely.

In addition to ensuring your comfort, pain management can hasten your recovery and possibly lower your risk of experiencing specific post-operative consequences. If your post-surgery pain is well-controlled, you will be more able to carry out crucial duties, such as caring for yourself and returning to work.

Acousana as a solution 

How it works

A highly skilled and qualified health specialist uses a proprietary wand to send acoustic waves to troublesome areas to help ease pain throughout the therapy. Creating these acoustic waves aids in tricking your body into thinking it has been injured. The Tissue Regeneration Technology accelerates the natural healing process by dispersing energy over a large area of superficial and deep tissue.

What does it treat?  

Acousana therapy is brilliant because it can treat both acute and ongoing pain without the need for harmful medicines or invasive procedures. It is commonly used as a post-surgical pain treatment.


Using this medical technology will also encourage the production of new blood, which will aid in your ability to fend against infections and prospective illnesses and maintain the health of your organs. The elimination of waste produced by numerous organs from the body is facilitated by adequate circulation. Acousana can also lessen apoptosis and speed up the recovery of painful wounds.

Acousana does not require much recovery time or follow-up from its patients because it is minimally invasive. Acousana can significantly speed up the recuperation period following surgery, allowing you to resume your daily activities.

Acousana also works as a wonderful and superior alternative to opioids, thus avoiding the need to consume the addictive pain management drug. 

What’s The Difference Between Acousana, SoftWave, ShockWave, And Regenerative Therapy?

Acousana uses Softwave’s patented acoustic technology to help heal the body from pain. It can also be considered a form of regenerative therapy.

ShockWave therapy is applied to more serious, profoundly rooted pain points. It can treat health problems like bursitis, chronic tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. 

This technology uses electromagnetic pulses to create energy waves. These waves effectively isolate a particular and precise region and can pierce more profoundly into the muscle tissues. Shockwave Therapy has a faster impulse and higher energy emission than Acousana or Softwave Therapy.

How many sessions do I need?

It is entirely normal to want to rid your body of unbearable pain. Doing so with Acousana can take between three to six sessions, depending on the pain level you are experiencing and what kind of surgery you underwent.

Take the time to discuss with your doctor and the experienced technicians to know which time frame is right for you. The success rate is known to be relatively high, with 80% of patients feeling tremendous relief after one session. 

Let Us Help You Manage Your Post-Surgical Pain Today!

Our expertly trained technicians know exactly how to treat post-op pain with Acousana therapy. There is no point in delaying your treatment. Let our team take care of your chronic pain, and allow yourself to get back to your routine.

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